Desperately Seeking Salmon

Community, Influencer Outreach, SEO
About This Project

Bumble Bee Seafoods provides healthy living content through their blog “Bee Active” led by a certified fitness trainer. The client sought to find an online influencer to represent their brand in a bright, positive tone while resonating with their audience who range in fitness levels. We went to work to research the best fitness bloggers on the Web who met the requirements, who displayed excellent writing skills, and brought with them an established engaged audience. Coincidentally this led us to our perfect ambassador, Presley Salmon. Presley is also known as “Run Pretty” on her blog and social media. She blogs weekly on sharing tips on weight-plates to ways to keep your routine through the holidays. Fandom Marketing in turn amplifies this content in social media and paid social advertising, and with SEO of each blog post using long-tail keywords.