Wildly Successful Open Rates With A/B Testing

Email Marketing, Strategy
About This Project

Wild Selections, a leading brand of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable seafood, wanted to spread their message of sustainability to customers. Fandom Marketing designed a monthly newsletter to engage readers on multiple points from product sourcing, to sustainable recipes, and ocean conservation stories. To ensure the message was seen, we focused on email open rates as a key success metric. In order to increase open rates, we conducted A/B testing to determine what subject lines made Wild Selections’ audience click. With sustainability as the core message, different topics were tested against one another to find out what interested people most: recipes vs. educational blogs vs. product benefits. One A/B test included subject lines “Wild Caught Tuna Recipe, MMmm!” vs. “What Sustainable Fishing Looks Like on Your Plate”  with the recipe callout out performing the second option. Our A/B testing resulted in an increase of open rate. As another benefit, our learnings led to insights to drive strategy for an email acquisition advertising campaign on Facebook.