Melonie Gallegos Shares Expert Opinion in “Breaking Up With Facebook”

Melonie Gallegos Shares Expert Opinion in “Breaking Up With Facebook”

Melonie Gallegos provided an expert opinion in the article Breaking Up With Facebook by Jenn Van Grove. She was quoted alongside Whole Foods Social Media/Digital Marketing Director Natanya Anderson and Joel Price of the San Diego Chargers. The story provides a thoughtful look at the decrease in Facebook page reach and its impact on marketers. Here are a few highlights.

article excerpt

As marketers battle for attention in News Feed, one does the unthinkable and severs ties from the social network. Who’s next?

On March 28th Eat24, the popular and cleaver food delivery company, made an important public announcement regarding their relationship status with Facebook. Complete with a breakup letter and the deletion of their Facebook page, Eat24 said:

Breaking up with Facebook was the best marketing move we made all year.

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of speculation, criticism and even praise for Eat24’s bold move. Deleting a Facebook page, that’s unheard of! Not anymore. With all the changes made to the Facebook News Feed algorithm it was only a matter of time before someone, or some brand, took a stand. Or was it? The question is, will marketers follow in Eat24’s footsteps? Not quite, but it will force us all to take a hard look at whether or not Facebook is worth our time and money.

Brands like Whole Foods, also featured in the story, manages nearly 300 Facebook pages reported seeing a drop in organic reach at almost 50%, but admit they won’t be pulling the plug any time soon.

According to Melonie:

The free ride wasn’t going to last forever… Two years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for a marketer to organically reach, on average, 40 percent of their fan base with a status update posted to their page. Nowadays, clients are lucky if a post reaches 5 percent of their audience; one percent is more common.

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