Melonie Gallegos Talks Social Media to Boost Business Intelligence With Brandwatch

Melonie Gallegos Talks Social Media to Boost Business Intelligence With Brandwatch

Brandwatch featured Melonie Gallegos as one of the top ten industry influencers in two of their recent #AskTheExperts articles. #AskTheExperts: 10 Ways Social Media Will Boost Your Business Intelligence discusses how brands use the social data they collect to help inform business decisions across the enterprise. Top insights from experts explain how to use social data intelligently in order to get the best benefits for your brand.

Social media provides big data on customer demographics, conversations and preferences. Most companies are by now listening to online conversations to spot customer service discussions and gather feedback. ~Melonie Gallegos

The article also provides top insights from brand leaders, such as IBM’s Social Business Manager, Christian Karasiewics, and Brian Carter, CEO of The Carter Group.

The second article, #AskTheExperts: 10 Influencers Share Best Practice on Social Business Intelligence, follows up from the previous one by looking at the most interesting, effective ways social media has helped experts make their own business intelligence better. Experts gave advice that acknowledges the importance and results of using social to build their brands.

We measure content performance based on how much social media engagement and sharing occur on our blogs. We can easily gauge what types of content is working and not working, and we in turn leverage our audiences interests for targeting in social advertising and create more of the stuff that our audience cares about. ~Melonie Gallegos

Brandwatch is an enterprise social intelligence platform that allows you to collect, analyze and report on social data.

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