Tech Marketing 360 Reveals Six Challenges Facing Today’s Marketer

tech marketing 360

Tech Marketing 360 Reveals Six Challenges Facing Today’s Marketer

Tech Marketing 360 is a national conference targeted to CMOs and digital marketers. Rob and Melonie were invited to cover the event on Brands With Fans blog and to live Tweet. This was an Online Marketing Summit (OMS) event, revamped as Tech Marketing 360, and held at The Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point rather than San Diego. And hey, we didn’t mind because once you see our photos of the view you’ll wish you hadn’t missed it!

There were six themes at Tech Marketing 360 that summarized the challenges facing today’s marketer.

  1. The CMO and the CTO have to work closely together to support a successful business. This is a new concept.
  2. Roles are beginning to overlap. The CMO must be tech savvy and the CTO needs to be customer-centric.
  3. Marketing and technology shape the path for a digitally competent, 21st century business.
  4. Technology is changing faster than corporations with legacy infrastructures are able to.
  5. Big data is a big waste of time if there is not leadership to make sense of it and put it to use.
  6. We have hardly scratched the surface of what augmented reality, wearable tech and mobile are capable of. Brace yourself!

If your organization is struggling with change. If you aren’t clear on what to do with all the data. Or, maybe still making the case to collect it in the first place. And, if you still haven’t come up with the magical attribution model to tie together every marketing touchpoint that creates purchasing behavior… join the club. Every marketer is struggling with the same challenges. While we’re trying to figure it out, digital communications continue to evolve at a faster pace than history has ever witnessed. You are a marketer in an epic time of change. Take the challenge and embrace it! The best way to keep up is to band together and learn from each other at conferences like this.

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